Jerry is continually monitoring public relations, environmental and gas marketing issues and how they impact industry operations, particularly those in the San Juan Basin. He meets with associates and reviews issues such as split-estates, environmental issues, and gas marketing forecasts. He maintains ties with national associations on these matters and participates in their positions with his experience and knowledge. 

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Jerry's father, Jerome P. McHugh, Sr. worked in Oklahoma in 1950's and worked first hand in a new oil and gas technology called hydraulic fracturing.  McHugh Sr. worked for Keener Oil in Tulsa as his first job out of college. The "Keener" was working to enhance nominally productive oil formations which were stimulated by water and sand being pumped at high pressures. This was done to create new oil productivity, increasing production on their wells.   McHugh Sr. worked on these wells as a wellsite geologist and authored this  Oil & Gas Journal March 7, 1955 article.

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